What is TRIPP Composer?

Create and experience your favorite TRIPP content on demand!

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TRIPP Composer is one of the features included in your TRIPP membership. It allows you to create and experience your favorite TRIPPs on-demand, with a variety of content to pick and choose from.

Did you know that more than 2400 Focus and Calm experiences are possible through Composer?

With Composer, you can select your:

  • TRIPP type: Focus or Calm: Do you want to feel mindfully aware in the present moment with Focus or train your nervous system to deeply relax and unwind with Calm?

  • Worldscape: Where do you want your TRIPP to take you to? Choose from the cosmos, other realities, or the depths of the ocean! Select from dozens of awe-inspiring experiences uniquely created by our talented artists.

  • Topic: What type of narrative do you want to listen to? Choose from a wide range of topics, such as dealing with loss, increasing awareness, or finding happiness. We offer more than 100 topics to choose from!

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