What are Achievements?

Badges that reward you for TRIPPing.

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Achievements challenge you to meet your goals. As you TRIPP, you’ll unlock badges that reward your progress. There are 12 badges, and the more you TRIPP, the more you earn! Your earned achievements will show up in your VR profile notifications.

  • Beginner's Mind- Complete 1 TRIPP

  • Awakened Spirit- Complete 5 TRIPPs

  • Dream Catcher - Complete 10 TRIPPs

  • Consciousness Hacker - Complete 20 TRIPPs

  • Peaceful Warrior - Complete 50 TRIPPs

  • Inner Peace - Complete 75 TRIPPs

  • Mindful Master - Complete 100 TRIPPs

  • Illuminated Mind - Complete 200 TRIPP

  • Spiritual Gangster - Complete 400 TRIPP

  • Psychonaut - Complete 500 TRIPPs

    You can view your earned achievements in your VR profile notifications.

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