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What is a TRIPP Membership?
What is a TRIPP Membership?

TRIPP is a monthly or annual subscription service that provides tailored experiences for your personal journey!

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​TRIPP's creators and artists want to give you the most unique and awe-inspiring experiences. Our data-driven experiences learn from your mood ratings and help our team better understand how to support you.

Daily Focus and Daily Calm - Curated daily experiences at your fingertips.

Focus - Make yourself more mindfully aware in the present moment with attention-stimulating gameplay mechanics.

Calm - Train your nervous system to deeply relax into greater present-moment awareness and unwind at the end of a busy day. Choose a Calm duration from 10 to 35 minutes.

TRIPP Composer - You have the ability to create your TRIPP experience! Choose your visual worldscape, sounds, and guided mindfulness practices. With Composer, you have more than 2400 options in Calm and Focus alone!

• Sanctum - Our mixed reality reward system where you can earn interactive augmented reality “Gifts” that transform your physical space into a personalized sanctuary of peace and wonder!

• Drift - A peaceful, fully immersive, mesmerizing experience designed to help you prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Gentle shifts in color, sound, and shapes promote a sleep-focused mindset and a successful bedtime routine.

• Breathe - The breath is a powerful tool that is always with us, empowering us to feel better. This experience was designed with breath detection technology to give you real-time feedback and support your training. Enjoy the benefits of calm, relaxation, focus, and presence as you build your practice.

TRIPP Mobile app - FREE for a limited time. You can personalize your TRIPP experiences and enjoy hours of meditations, binaural audio, nature sounds, music, and teachings with beautiful animations to support you wherever you are throughout the day. You can re-center yourself with experiences that cultivate awareness and acceptance in as little as 6-8 minutes.

• Escape - Take a vacation to a far-off land and experience the sights and sounds of nature from some of the most stunning locations on the planet.

• Ascend - Immersive, third-party content designed to help you explore a deeper connection to your own life experiences.

• TRIPP Challenges - Multi-day journeys that progressively build skills and practices to level up your personal growth and support your well-being.

• Together with TRIPP - Join our community and enjoy a place where you can meditate, practice mindfulness, and engage in thoughtful discussions with friends and other like-minded people.

All new experiences added and available on your device will be included in your plan.

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