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What is TRIPP Membership?
What is TRIPP Membership?

TRIPP is a monthly or annual subscription service.

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TRIPP is a monthly or annual subscription service.

Included in all TRIPP memberships:

  • Focus and Calm - TRIPP’s daily VR experiences

  • TRIPP Composer - the ability to create your TRIPPs, with your choice of visual worldscape, sound, and guided mindfulness practices

  • Sanctum - Our mixed reality reward system where you can earn interactive augmented reality “Gifts” that transform your physical space into a personalized Sanctum of peace and wonder!

  • Drift - A peaceful, fully immersive, mesmerizing experience designed to help you prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

  • TRIPP Mobile app - personalize your TRIPP experiences and track your progress.

  • Escape - Travel to some of the most beautiful locations across the globe with TRIPP 360 videos.

  • Ascend - third-party immersive experiences designed to help you explore a deeper connection to your own life experiences.

  • TRIPP Challenges - Multi-day journeys that progressively build skills and practices to level up your personal growth and support your well-being. New topics are added regularly!

  • Together with TRIPP - a place where you can meditate and practice mindfulness, and engage in thoughtful discussions with friends and other like-minded people.

  • Any new experience added and available on your device will be included in your plan.

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