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What hardware is required for TRIPP?
What hardware is required for TRIPP?

You will need a Meta Pro, Quest 1, Quest 2, Sony PS VR, and now also available on the HTC Vive Flow!

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You will need one of the following VR devices:

Quest 1

Quest 2

Oculus Rift

Meta Quest Pro

Sony PS VR1

Sony PS VR 2

HTC Vive Flow

For AR, we offer the TRIPP demo on Nreal

You’ll also need a WiFi connection; we recommend speeds over 20Mbps.

A free TRIPP Mobile App is a companion to the core XR program, enabling users to track sessions, log offline moods and personalize their TRIPP experience with personal images. TRIPP Mobile is not required but recommended.

Add TRIPP Mobile and see how easy it is to keep up your mindfulness practice!

TRIPP Mobile App Links: Free (for a limited time)
iOS -
Android -

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